Connecting brands with engaged users at scale

What Is Fungrab?

FunGrab owns and operates properties that are designed to be fun, safe and easy to play. The FunGrab platform connects consumers with brands by providing entertaining ways to win real rewards and prizes. FunGrab's flagship website, PrizeGrab, reaches millions of consumers who generate over 200 million impressions per month.

With our custom ad stack, FunGrab delivers performance and brand marketers engaging advertising experiences at scale. We find the right moment to deliver your message and exceed your ROI.

Brands work directly with us to place products into the FunGrab entertainment experience, ultimately driving more visibility and sales of its products. Consumers will engage with the brand and its products through onsite, social media and email programs designed specifically for the brand. FunGrab has worked with dozens of companies ranging from startups to large companies. Contact us if you're interested in promoting your brand to FunGrab's audiences!

The best part of FunGrab? We love what we do and it shows. We take our member experience extremely seriously and treat each member as if they were our family. Across social, email and mobile, when our members get in touch with us, we deliver a genuine customer experience. Member happiness and trust is one of our top priorities.

What a Ride it's Been!

FunGrab is one of the world's fastest growing digital media companies with 300% growth year over year. Fueled by innovation and fun we're re-writing the rules of an amazingly fast-paced industry.

Over the past three years, we've tripled email engagement rates, engaged with millions of consumers on our social media channels, and created one of the highest ranked sites in the US.

How We Connect With Consumers

Our marketing team's mission is to deliver the most relevant information to you in real-time, with email and social media being the most safe and accessible methods of accomplishing that goal. We provide regular updates to inform our subscribers of new rewards and prizes that become available to the FunGrab audience. If you are no longer interested in receiving updates from FunGrab and its partners you may unsubscribe or unfollow us at any time.

Our mission is to create a fun, entertaining and safe experience for all members. If you have questions or comments you can reach us at

Want In?

Want to join the team? Email us at and let us know why you think you'd be a good fit for our digital team.

Looking to start a partnership? We only work with top name brands and advertisers. Email us at with your goals and contact information.